Global Banking

Virtual Global Banking 24/7/365
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Global Payments

Payroll or Payout to one person or 1,000,000 people…Zero Limits – Zero Costs

Global Mobility

A Truly Universal Solution for Today’s Mobile Workforce
MyBankNow has a simple mission – decentralize banking and put the same capabilities of the legacy centralized banking system in the pockets of people everywhere. This reduces friction and red tape making it faster, easier and less costly to manage financial transactions, both locally and globally.
Technology has leveled the playing field in nearly every other aspect of life, as we know it. The last frontier is international banking. The philosophy that drives MyBankNow is this: By increasing the velocity of currency, we can increase the gross domestic product of nations. MyBankNow shall be known as a positive force in the global economy.
MyBankNow has observed that the legacy banking system is designed to benefit the bankers, not the individuals who use the banks. By obtaining an international bank account with the ability to transfer funds between account holders, and groundbreaking features and advantages, we put the benefit of legacy banks right into the palm of your hand. The philosophy at MyBankNow is simple – Everyone Wins.

MyBankNow Accounts include:

  • International Bank Account with Account-to-Account Transfer Ability
  • Cloud Account to store and access funds from anywhere
  • Major Brand/Co-Brand Global Spend Re-loadable Debit Card